• In ACCIDENT CASES, you need to PRESERVE EVIDENCE for later use at trial and for settlement negotiations.

Steps to be taken

  1. Photographs, Diagrams, and sketches of the accident scene are essential in proving your case;
  2. Statements of Witnesses and a thorough review of the accident area for security cameras which may have captured the accident is imperative;
  3. Photographs of all physical injuries need to be taken at the hospital and days later when bruising appears and scars become evident;
  4. Location of the vehicles removed from the scene are necessary for subsequent structural investigation and in some cases to purchase the vehicle for testing and evidence;
  5. Personal property destroyed in the collision needs to be located and photographed;
  6. Lost Wages and lost opportunities to labor are facts needed to fully demonstrate the value of your case.

In order to accomplish these steps in the investigative process, our offices have the following resources available:

  • Accident Investigators
  • Accident Reconstructionists
  • Economist to determine the full value of your case
  • Day in the life video grapher to show the impact on your quality of life
  • Physicians who are Board Certified to perform disability ratings
  • Access to verdicts and settlement figures throughout the State of Georgia in order to compare results in similar cases, circumstances and with similar injuries.

Every case will in some manner, impact the physical, mental and emotional condition of our clients. It is the job of an attorney to be able to indentify and quantify these aspects so that a jury or claim’s agent fully understands the financial value of your claim. We strive each day to accomplish these goals and to earn your trust.


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